The Not Com Revolution

Get Ready for the Not Com Revolution! 2015 is the year the internet changes forever as over 1000 new not com domain extensions (nTLDs) are coming online. New gTLD Release Dates Announced

What is a New gTLD (nTLD) ?

Breaking: Google Not Com Revolution awareness campaign launched.

There will be new domain extensions in a wide variety such as .brands, like .Google, .Netflix or .Macy; .cities such as .NYC, .London, .Berlin will have dedicated new nTLD addresses. There will be New gTLD extensions for the Arts, Food and Drink, People and Lifestyle, Business, Services, Shopping and more. See the nTLD list of New gTLDs .

What Makes New Top-Level Domains (nTLDs) Possible?

ICANN, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is the regulatory body that governs the Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS enables people to navigate to websites using easy to remember names, like, or instead of confusing numbers such as 434.56.567.876, which is how computers identify each other.

Web surfers will begin to see web addresses like ‘www.bags.GUCCI‘, ‘www.Drive.CHEVY‘, ‘NightClubs.NYC‘, ‘TexasHoldem.POKER‘ and millions more.

In 2015 New domains will change how internet users find information online, and interact on the web.

New gTLDs are the biggest change to the internet.. ever

When hundreds of new website address endings such as .Google, .Gucci, .NYC, .WEB, .NINJA,.FASHION, .CPA and more are introduced into the web addressing system, every person online will be affected in some way. New domain extensions coming in 2015 will make the internet safer and easier to navigate. New gtld domain names bring opportunities for many, and challenges for some. Everyone should educate and prepare themselves for this monumental change happening in 2015.

A gTLD, or Generic Top Level Domain is the last set of letters in a website address, after the dot (.com, .blog, .fashion.).
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