Current gTLD List

Here is the complete list of current gTLDs. Some of these are restrictive in their designated use. Only a few are widely used and well known. The introduction of many new gTLDs may change the way domain names are perceived and use may move away from the most common seen today.

aero the air transport industry.
asia companies, organizations and individuals in the Asia-Pacific region
biz business use
cat Catalan language/culture
com commercial organizations, but unrestricted
coop cooperatives
edu post-secondary educational establishments
gov U.S. government entities at the federal, state, and local levels
info informational sites, but unrestricted
int international organizations established by treaty
jobs employment-related sites
me online business or a personal blog
mil the U.S. military
mobi sites catering to mobile devices
museum museums
name families and individuals
net originally for network infrastructures, now unrestricted
org originally for organizations not clearly falling within the other gTLDs, now unrestricted
pro certain professions
tel services involving connections between the telephone network and the Internet (added March 2, 2007)
travel travel agents, airlines, hoteliers, tourism bureaus, etc.
xxx pornography