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  • .APP – The emerging world of apps has a brand new web address extension to call home. Apps are exploding in this age of tethered devices – mobile phones, tablets, pads. Users are finding apps to be indispensable for navigating and accessing information on the web. With this quickly expanding market and product niche the .app extension will serve to organize and define app related sites on the world wide web. Any app related website can help to identify with their target market and consumers.

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    Afilias Limited 209 Y/N register .app
    256 Y/N get .app domain
    Dot App LLC
    290 Y/N dotapp domain extension
    Lone Maple, LLC (Donuts Inc.)
    744 Y/N .app site names
    TRI Ventures, Inc.
    762 Y/N .app website
    Charleston Road Registry Inc. (Google)
    781 Y/N .app website names
    Top Level Domain Holdings Limited
    918 Y/N .app domain extension
    Amazon EU S.à r.l.
    1256 Y/N .app registration
    DotApp Inc. 1459 Y/N .app registry
    NU DOT CO LLC 1482 Y/N .app trademark sunrise
    Merchant Law Group LLP 1566 Y/N .app release
    Webera Inc. 1576 Y/N .app landrush
    dot App Limited 1799 Y/N .app tld
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