.GURU TLD Domain Extension

  • Are you the top in your field? If your expertise and skills render you a guru in your field then declare it loudly through a .guru domain name. Ones projected visitor could see businesses having a .guru name as more genuine and trustworthy. Internet sites using a .guru name may receive perks such as more click thrus and dedication. Overall, having a .guru domain name should help internet sites get noticed and boost traffic.

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  • .GURU Domain Details

      • Restrictions:
      • Undetermined
      • Price:
      • Stay Tuned
      • Sunrise:
      • 11/26/2013
      • Landrush:
      • 1/29/2014
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    What is the .GURU domain extension?

    A new gTLD (generic top-level domain) which has been proposed to ICANN (internet’s governing body) as one of the many domain alternatives to existing .COM, .NET or .ORG

    When can I buy a .GURU web address?

    .Guru domains will go on sale to the general public on Feb 4 2015. You can pre-order these domains now at newgtldsite.

    How much will it cost?

    .Guru is priced at NewgTLDsite at just $34.99 per year registration. That is $5 savings from Godaddy!

    .guru TLD Domain Priority Pre-registration

    Open registration for .Guru domains begins on Feb 5. But it is possible to jump to the front of the line for the .guru domain that you want thru priority. Priority pre-registration for .guru provides the opportunity to register a .guru domain before someone else by opting to pay a premium initial registration price. When you choose priority pre-registration, the domain you select will be set aside for you before it is released to general registration.

    .Guru Early Registration Dates

    Stage 1 ends Jan 30 – 11,500
    Stage 2 ends Jan 31 – 3099.00
    Stage 3 ends Feb 1 – 1199.00
    Stage 4 ends Feb 2 – 649.00
    Stage 5 ends Feb 5 – 149.00

    How .Guru Priority Registration Works

    .Guru priority pre-registration works on a descending price model. If you want first shot at that prime .guru tld, you can opt for day 1 registration at 11,500. If you are the only party to request the name that day – you are awarded the domain at that price. In cases of duplicate requests, parties applying for the same .guru domain are invited to auction.

    Advantage of .Guru Priority Pre-registration

    Priority pre-registration will place you before all ordinary pre registrations. Even if several parties pre-register your.guru domain, your priority pre-registration will let you jump the line in front of them. The .guru web address of your choice will be granted to you before others can snap it up!

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