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  • The TLD .movie offers not only a fresh, new look for domain names, because it also offers a chance for those who didn’t have the chance with the TLD .com. There have been many site owners who either had to change their site names or settle for a URL that isn’t really relevant to their sites and pages. It might be the end of the .com, but this only signifies the start of using other TLDs, especially those which are significant to site owners, visitors and businessmen alike.

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  • .MOVIE Domain Details

      • Restrictions:
      • Movie websites with relevant domain names are quite hard to find. Many of them would have URLs which do not even have a single word from the site’s name. Of course, hardly anyone remembers URLs because what they actually see and remember are the names of the sites. This is really confusing for a lot of people, and those who do not know or are not fond of bookmarking sites would hardly even find the time to look for the same site after the first few tries of looking for them in search engines.

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