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  • New York City is a world-famous tourist destination as well as a haven for its local residents – more than eight million of them. New York City is broken down into many boroughs and neighborhoods. Most people are probably familiar with all of the things .NYC has to offer. New York City boasts world-class dining, a huge modeling and acting industry, and more historical sites than can be counted. A .nyc top level domain can help your company to be found by New York City visitors and locals alike. There are several industries located in NYC that could reap the benefits of using .nyc. Of course the tourist industry is one of the main areas that would benefit. But there are other industries to consider as well.

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    .nyc General FAQs

    The goal of the .nyc gTLD to is provide New York City government, organizations, businesses and residents an online identity that intuitively associates them with the City of New York. The city also views the .nyc gTLD as an enabler of community organization, collaboration and communications.

    When will .nyc be available ?

    The first groups of top-level domains (“first round”) are anticipated to be available in early 2015. Since January 12, 2012 until April 12, 2012, ICANN has been accepting applications for new gTLDS. Depending on the type of application and the level of opposition or controversy, it will take approximately 8-18 months for ICANN to evaluate the applications.

    Does it cost anything to pre-register .nyc?

    Only when the gTLD is open for registration and you wish to register the domain name will you be required to provide a credit card and payment. The .nyc pre-registration process is completely free. We may send you an email regarding your .nyc pre-registration to confirm you request. If this email is not deliverable, your account will be closed and your pre-registration will be deleted. You will only be required to provide a valid email address and your other contact details.

    Why should I pre-register new top-level domain .nyc now?

    Pre-registering a .nyc domain will allow us to submit your domain for registration as soon as it becomes possible to do so. This is the best way to secure your chance of owning a new gTLD domain. By pre-registering you will not have to worry about missing any deadlines and because pre-registration is free, you have nothing to lose.

    Am I obligated to register a .nyc domain I pre-registered?

    No. .nyc Pre-registrations are non-binding and free. Once we receive information regarding the domain policy and we know the price, you will be asked to confirm your pre-registration, which would allow you to change your non-binding pre-registration into a binding pre-registration.

    For .nyc, How much will the yearly registration fee be?

    Any users with pre-registrations will be notified by email once this information is available. Pricing information for the new gTLDs .nyc is not yet available.

    What will the gTLD launch sequence be for .nyc?

    ICANN will set forth rules and guidelines when the gTLD .nyc is approved, as well as a launch sequence which dictates who can register a new gTLD .nyc, when and under what conditions. The expected launch sequence will be:Trademark Sunrise .nyc – is a special period that provides current brand and trademarks owners the opportunity to secure their trademarks under the new top level domain. The fee for registration during this period is usually higher as trademarks will need to be verified and cleared.Landrush – a short registration period for entities and individuals who do not own a trademark in the name they wish to register. It is intended for highly sought-after generic .nyc domains and are usually priced significantly higher than registering during general availability. If more than one landrush application is received for the same .nyc domain, the .nyc domain will usually go to auction in which the applicants will have the chance to bid for the domain. General Availability – This phase is open to the general public and is a first-come, first served launch. When a .nyc domain is registered, it is officially reserved and registered in real time.Premium or Reserved Names – A registry can and will withhold .nyc domains names from open registrations that are considered premium domains, which are names that are highly desired or unique. These .nyc domains with this premium status will eventually be auctioned to the highest bidder.

    Is newgtldsite.com authorized to accept .nyc pre-registrations?

    Yes, newgtldsite.com is authorized to accept .nyc pre-registrations.

    Additional .nyc FAQs

    Can anyone register a .nyc domain name? YesAre Individual New York City, United States .nyc registrations allowed? YesCompany or legal entities registrations allowed for New York City, United States .nyc? YesDo I need to provide additional information for New York City, United States .nyc? No.nyc Trustee / Proxy service offered? Fees? NoAre some .nyc domain names restricted? YesDoes .nyc domain have a special use? YesOther information I need to know about .nyc? No