Google Domains

Google Domains, a new service from Google for registration of domain names is now in beta testing. The service is currently available on an invitation only basis. Anyone wanting to test the new Google Domains interface can type something into the search box here and follow the link to request an invitation.

The move signals Google’s plan to join domain registrars like Godaddy,, Uniregistry in selling website addresses, hosting and related services to people and businesses looking to establish an online presence.

The Changing Landscape

The days of working tirelessly to carve out your space in the online world, through the maze of .com, .net and .org domains is giving way to a whole new world of options. Back in June of 2011, the non-profit governing entity for domain names — Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) — agreed to the expansion of “generic top-level domains” (gTLDs). A year later, the organization revealed the 1,930 domain name proposals they had received, including over 100 applications from Google.

Google’s New “Not-Com” Addresses

As you might imagine, Google is on the forefront of this new domain-naming shift, having submitted an impressive 101 proposals. Upon reviewing the domain-name proposals submitted by Google, it is easy to detect naming conventions which underscore an already thriving brand (such as Android, YouTube and… wait for it… Google), professional designations (such as MBA, ESQ and PHD) as well as a myriad of lifestyle trends gaining in popularity (such as Movie, Blog, Music, Shop and Ads, among others).

Following is a list of some of the domain-name proposals submitted by Google:

  • AND
  • APP
  • ARE
  • BLOB
  • BABY
  • BOO
  • BOOK
  • GOO
  • GMBH
  • GUGE
  • HERE
  • HOME
  • HOW
  • INC
  • ING
  • LIVE
  • MAP
  • MBA
  • MEME
  • MOTO
  • MOV
  • NEW
  • PAGE
  • PET
  • PLAY
  • PHD
  • PLUS
  • PROD
  • PROF
  • SOY
  • SPOT
  • SRL
  • SHOP
  • SHOW
  • SITE
  • TALK
  • TEAM
  • TUBE
  • YOU
  • WEB
  • VIP
  • ZIP ¬†announcement.