New gTLD Launch Sequence

Once a gTLD application has been approved and delegated to the root zone, it can be marketed and sold to consumers for use as an address on the world wide web. This Launch Sequence will dictate who can register a New gTLD domain name, when, and under what conditions.

Each New TLD registry will follow its own unique launch sequence. The exact launch – rules, pricing, timing – everything is at the discretion of the registry for each top level domain. With 1900 New gTLD applications there will be wide variations in how new tlds are launched.

New gTLDs will become available to different groups at different times, at different prices under different circumstances. A typical TLD rollout or launch sequence will likely include, but not limited to some of these stages:


new gtld founders program

Founders Program

Some New gTLD registries may seek early adopters for some of the most meaningful,short, and valuable generic domains (not trademarks) by special arrangement. Think ‘Online.Poker’, or ‘Hotels.Vegas’. A Founder’s Program participant would likely pay a premium initial registration fee, and/or agree to meet promotional and use requirements to help establish the New gTLD as a valued property on the web. details

new gtld trademark sunrise

Trademark Sunrise

Before domain names under a new tld can be broadly distributed, trademark owners must have the opportunity to register, or block their brand names. Brand owners will register with the Trademark Clearinghouse to facilitate this process across all New gTLDs. Learn More

new gtld community sunrise

Community Sunrise

City, Geographical and Community TLDs may offer domain names to verifiable members of their designated community before allowing them up to be registered by the general public. Understanding these requirements could be key to getting the name you want. more on community sunrise

new gtld landrush

Landrush/Landrush Auction

While this is the first opportunity for general public to register domains, landrush registration is typically Not first-come, first-served. Duplicate requests are auctioned between the parties desiring an identical name. Read on.

new gtld open registration general availability

Open Registration/General Availability

This is the first time that registrations can be made on a first come, first served basis at regular retail price. Pre-registered domains are queued up by registrars who, in turn, attempt to register names for their customers. about General Availability

new gtld Premium Auction

Premium/Reserve Auctions

As virtual real estate – not all domain names are valued equally. The best short, intuitive, meaningful and brandable names are withheld from release, sometimes for years, to be auctioned to the highest bidder how and when the registry decides. more