New gTLD Timeline

Following years of policy development and seemingly endless delays, ICANN has  indicated a timeline that would bring the first New gTLDs to the internet by Summer 2013. Once delegated to the root zone, a New gTLD registry can then execute their Launch Sequence, making domain names available for registration. New gTLD Release Dates announced.



Sunrise Date

Landrush Date

Open Reg. Date

.bike 11/26/13  N/A 1/29/13
.clothing 11/26/13   N/A 1/29/13
.guru 11/26/13   N/A 1/29/13
.holdings 11/26/13   N/A 1/29/13
.plumbing 11/26/13   N/A 1/29/13
.singles 11/26/13   N/A 1/29/13
.ventures 11/26/13   N/A 1/29/13
.camera 12/3/13   N/A 2/5/14
.equipment 12/3/13   N/A 2/5/14
.estate 12/3/13   N/A 2/5/14
.gallery 12/3/13   N/A 2/5/14
.graphics 12/3/13   N/A 2/5/14
.lighting 12/3/13   N/A 2/5/14
.photography 12/3/13   N/A 2/5/14
.sexy 12/11/13   N/A 2/24/14
.tattoo 12/11/13   N/A 2/24/14
.onl 12/2/13  1/8/13 2/17/14
.uno 12/15/13  1/18/14 2/24/14
.集团 12/15/13  2/15/14  5/15/14
.我爱你 12/15/13  2/15/14  5/15/14

When will Domain Names be Available ?

Exactly when a specific New gTLD becomes available will depend on a number of factors including its':

  • Priority Draw Number
  • Level of Objection or Contention
  • Elected Launch Sequence

Priority Draw Number

ICANN has developed a system to prioritize and meter the rollout of 1000 new top level domains over the course of a year. This will help determine the order in which new tlds will be added to the internet. Each TLD application was assigned a priority number through lottery style auction in December 2012. That priority number will dictate the order by which applications will be processed. It is important to understand that the priority number is merely a starting point from which each application will negotiate through the process. Some will go earlier, some later, or never.

Objection and Contention

Some New gTLDs could face obstacles that could possibly derail some new tlds entirely, or delay their release. These obstacle include:

  • Government Advisory Committee (GAC) intervention
  • Third Party Objections, or,
  • Contention Sets between parties competing for the same domain extension.

Launch Sequence

Each New TLD will be brought to market by way of a uniquely crafted launch sequence having distinct phases. This will determine how the names are made available to users- when, to whom, and under what conditions.

To estimate when a specific top level domain will go live, you should know what that gTLDs draw number is, whether it is the subject of GAC scrutiny, or if it is involved in a contention set.

You can find that information at each tlds dedicated info page. Check the List of New gTLDs

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