New gTLDs and Search SEO

Will Search Engines give higher ranking for the gTLDs for related search phrases?

There is definitely potential for that.

It is a genuine objective of the New gTLD program to develop new tlds which convey meaning or purpose for content. It is the primary objective of search engines to provide relevant, meaningful , valuable information to its users.

If those goals are met then , yes, probably they will get a ranking boost.

Some of the new TLDs the hope is just that, the hope is to actually discourage non relevant use. many of these tld’s will carry policies and practice that will require relevant use.

The reaction of Search Engines to new tld’s in their results cannot be determined at present. It can only be speculated and will be ultimately be determined by the eventual use and application of the new tld’s when they are implemented.

Search Engines strive to provide both Relevant and Valuable information to their users. Their revenue models depend on it. The algorithms and processes are designed specifically to deliver the best possible search results. Subtle, and sometimes , not so subtle adjustments to these complex calculations can be, and are done regularly based on ‘Signals’. Signals of Relevance can be found in a page title, page content, page description and the type of Links it has from other pages. Signals of Value, or Importance are derived from the number and quality of Links the page has from other places on the web.

If a new gTLD is widely applied in a manner that is relevant, (Shoes addresses are used mostly for shoes related content, etc) and maintains valuable quality and importance (, this will send a strong ‘signal’ that the TLD may hold some valuable relevance to the subject matter being referenced.

Over time, if relevance and value can observed in the use of a specific top level domain, Google, yahoo, and others WILL begin to give it some weight in their algorithms. It would be the smart business decision to do so. This weighting

some things that might affect this:

policies of the registry
price of the tld