What Does TLD Domain ‘Pre-Registration’ Really Mean?

It’s Nothing Any Website Today Can Offer.

Websites currently promoting New gTLD Domain ‘Pre-Registrations’ do not conform with the definition of Domain Pre-Registration in the context of a New gTLD Launch. See ‘The Perils of gTLD Pre-Registration‘.

Traditionally, domain pre-registration occurs as prelude to the opening of the General Availability phase of a gTLD launch sequence. It is important to note that General Availability – where pre-registration applies - will occur AFTER Trademark SunriseSupplemental Sunrise, and Landrush phases.

There are opportunities for someone to register domains before ‘pre-registration’ comes into play.

How TLD Domain Pre-Registration Typically Works

An official pre-registration is a contracted, binding agreement, where payment is provided in exchange for the promise that the registrar will attempt to register that name on your behalf – immediately upon opening of General Availability.

There could be over 1000 accredited registrars all waiting to connect the second that New gTLD registry opens for General Availability . .

new tld domain pre registration

When you pre-register your domain, you could be one of thousands of pre-registration customers of your registrar.

Your pre-registered domain is never ‘secured’ , until it is registered.

Most Important, This is Not Even an Option Yet !

What are Domain Pre-Registration Websites Today Doing Then?

1. Collecting your valuable information while making no guarantees – (This is what ‘non-binding’ means for them)
2. Placing you on an email marketing list.
3. Placing your desired domain names into a database – to use at their discretion.

When you pre-register names at any website today, you are exposing yourself to potential risks with no real benefit to you.

You are better off subscribing to a Watchlist (only +add the .tld, NOT your specific name!).

Or, simply follow us on Twitter. New gTLDs will be coming online Summer 2013.

Meanwhile, don’t do anything foolish , like reveal the domain names you want to register – unless it’s to your retained legal advisor.