Niche gTLDs

Benefits of Operating a .NICHE TLD

An exciting new opportunity is on the horizon with ICANN about to launch the new gTLD program. Established organizations from every country in the world will be able to apply for one of several types of generic top level domains. These include brand TLDs (e.g. .canon), city TLDs (e.g. .nyc), faith TLDs (e.g. .lds), and niche TLDs (e.g. .golf).

Although the application process may be a bit tedious and the initial fee a bit steep for some at $185,000, the long term benefits of operating your own .NICHE TLD are significant. Savvy organizations and entrepreneurs will not want to miss this opportunity. Let’s consider some of the potential benefits:

Security and control

Operators of a .NICHE TLD will have complete control over its use. They can set the policies and criteria for everyone who wants to register a second level domain name that contains their TLD. For example, if the .NICHE TLD is “.health”, they could limit the authorization of domain name registrations to businesses, individuals, and organizations that have a legitimate, clearly defined affiliation with the healthcare industry. This will help enhance security by thwarting those who attempt to deceive or cause harm by creating phishing sites or engaging in other types of online abuse.

Consumer trust and confidence

Since the operator of a .NICHE TLD will be able to control domain name registrations and enforce policies and requirements, consumers will likely come to realize over time that sites with a particular .NICHE TLD are authentic and trustworthy. When they see the domain name, they will instantly know the general purpose of the site. This lends a degree of prestige to the second level domains, making them even more attractive to potential registrants.

Dominate a namespace

Dot NICHE TLD operators will be able to dominate and control a particular namespace. This will increase their ability to reach their target market. This would be a great benefit to many businesses, as it would allow them to control the namespace that is closely related to one of their product lines or services. For example, if a company like Nike controlled the .SHOES TLD, they would be able to use that namespace to promote all their different shoe lines. They would also be able to prevent their competitors from using the namespace.

Enhanced internet presence

Many .NICHE TLDs can be used by companies to enhance their internet presence and promote their products and services. They will be able to create short, catchy domain names that their customers will easily remember. This is almost impossible to do with traditional generic TLDs like .com, due to its high level of saturation. These memorable domain names will also make it easier for their target market to find them online.

Additional revenue

Organizations and business entities could create a potentially substantial additional income stream by operating a .NICHE TLD. They could sell second level domain names to businesses, organizations, and individuals affiliated with the niche for a premium price. This would bring in income for years to come as most domain registries require annual renewal fees.

As you can see, there are many great benefits that accompany operating a .NICHE TLD. If you are considering applying for one when ICANN opens the doors, now is the time to start preparing for the application process.