.NYC Landrush

.NYC, get Ready for the Not Com Revolution!

New Yorkers will be able to start applying for .NYC domains when the .NYC Landrush phase opens August 4. Only New York City residents and businesses are allowed to own and operate a .NYC domain according to the .NYC Nexus Policy.

The .NYC registry is serious about enforcing the Nexus Policy as we are currently involved in a .NYC Nexus Policy Enforcement Action. There will be more to report on that later.

Landrush for .NYC ends on October 4 when the .NYC registry will examine the applications for duplicates. Unlike general availability, Landrush registrations are not first come-first served. Rather, duplicate .NYC Landrush applications will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

.NYC landrush applications will be accepted by many popular registrars and websites like NewDots.NYC

General Availability for .NYC will open October 8. At that time anyone with a valid New York City will be able to register a .NYC domain in real time.