OwnIt.NYC is Now the Official Website for .NYC

The Official Registrar of the City of New York has launched its website at OwnIt.NYC. Following in the footsteps of the MakeIt.LONDON campaign, he messaging of OwnIt.NYC is focused on businesses and residents of New York to Own It. New York City is a multicultural and diverse city, but the community spirit is evident. New Yorkers are proud to be part of their city and the messaging of OwnIt.NYC seems to be targeting this sentiment.

ownit.nyc screen

The first website established for the .NYC registry, nic.nyc now redirects to the OwnIt.NYC domain. Interestingly, the sponsoring registrar in whois is officially listed as: The City of NY Registrar. If that is literally accurate, then the registry itself is not operating the OwnIt.NYC website, but the site is acting through a registrar entity of some sort.

There is a search box on several pages of the OwnIt.NYC site that appear to check availability of domains for landrush, then direct the user to register through one their qualified “retailers”. This seems to stray from most official tld registry websites in that they don’t use official domain industry term “registrar”. Maybe this is one aspect of a changing landscape in the distribution of new top-level domains.

The OwnIt.NYC website is a clean attractive design with some nifty design features that keep a user engaged. Engagement seems a primary purpose for the site with below the fold homepage content dominated by social interaction widgets.

own it .nyc page

The search box floats to the top of the page and remains a prominent call to action on every page in the main navigation. It will be interesting to see how this website evolves in the new environment of vertically integrated registry models. Will it start selling domains directly to consumers?

If .NYC can raise awareness to a level that .LONDON was able, OwnIt.NYC will get a lot of attention in the Big Apple and beyond.