.Vegas Domain Landrush Set To Begin

.Vegas Landrush set for August 14

.Vegas Domain

Las Vegas is joining other large cities across the globe by introducing its own top level domain to the internet. .Vegas will join Other city internet domains including .London, .Berlin, .Tokyo, and most recently .NYC

The .Vegas Landrush will continue through September 10, with General Availability starting on September 15.

Prices for .Vegas Landrush are in the $200 range with the annual renewal rate about $69.

Las Vegas is amongst the trendiest tourist spots in the usa in addition to being a busy city urban area. Perhaps most effectively known because of its myriad of casinos along with streets filled with neon fixtures, it’s a vibrant town that draws interest coming from all around the world and also has a busy local economy, primarily structured on the casino business. If the online business or website is specializing in Vegas, then you could really benefit from buying a dot VEGAS top level domain.

Some examples of .vegas domains we can expect to see will include casinoname.vegas, hotels.vegas, restaurants.vegas, businesses.vegas, guide.vegas, touristattractions.vegas and so much more. Businesses, local government and individuals will benefit for this new top level domain. It can be used to show that a website is dedicated to Las Vegas or that a company is based in the city.

This will mean that businesses that use the .vegas domain will now be able to associate themselves with the Las Vegas brand. It will also mean more targeted click through rates because people who visit the website will be there because they choose to be and because they want the information or service that is begin provided.

The purpose of the new .vegas domain is to make websites more specific, easily searchable and more competitive. If your business is trying to attract tourists, highlight local services or promote one of the many casinos, you can be sure that having a .vegas domain will bring you the results that you desire.

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