What is a gTLD ?

A gTLD is the set of characters at the end of a website address, after the dot

What is a gTLD ?

Up Until now there has only been about 23 gtlds. There are also cctlds, or, country code top level domains like .de, for Germany, .cz for Czech Republic that are widely used in their designated geographies.

ICANN – The Internet Address Authority

ICANN, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is the global organization in charge of the Domain Name System, which assigns Names (like Amazon.com) to Numbers, like 243.939.454.34 so that humans, can read, remember,navigate, and generally understand them better.

Every website You have ever visited has been administered By ICANN at the top level. about ICANN

new ntldsThe Top Level Domain is the the most authoritative indication of the nature of the content of a website. If the top level is .gov, the site is an official government site. If the top level is edu then that address is officially authorized as an educational institution.

Soon, there will be hundreds more, meaningful and important top level domains to consider when using and navigating the web. There will be website name endings with Brands, like .Google, or .Gucci. Cities, like .NYC and .LONDON. Interests, like .ART, Products for .BABY, .AUTO, .FOOD and more.

There will be MILLIONS of new website name options for emerging businesses and innovation online in many categories like beautybusiness entitiescausescitiesfoodcultureshealthniche, and more. There will even be new internationalized website naming options for users in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and other languages that do not use a western alphabet.

The introduction of new domain extensions will result in a monumental and transformative shift in internet navigation, marketing and use.

Everyone reading this – all internet users and businesses will be affected. You should educate yourself about this dramatic shift and the challenges and opportunities it will present.

Supporters say nTLDs will bring better choice, competition, innovation and opportunity to website names.

Critics suggest New gTLDs will increase consumer confusion, criminal activity and cybersquatting.

How will nTLD Domain Extensions Affect You?

The wheels are in motion – New gTLDs are set to arrive in 2013. The implications are potentially profound and far reaching. It’s time you get prepared.